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Healthy? Or.. Not healthy? Helpful? Not helpful? No... I'll change the question. When is it healthy? When is it not healthy? When is it helpful? When is it not helpful?
We learn new things everyday, and I, I learned about criticism yesterday.
It is not something new, it's rather old and rusty, which is why we could easily ditch it every time. We should have known that we need great courage and understanding to criticize.

1. Criticize "something" and NOT "someone". 
Let me tell you that this one is the hardest one for me to do, though it is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE. The difference of being objective and subjective is like love and hate. There a a slight difference between them. You love the person by criticizing 'something they've done, said, created, had'. You hate the person by criticizing 'him/her'.
"You'll look dumb if you send it, don't." and not "You're dumb. Why do you even think about sending it?"

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